Cath Kidston Face-Masks


*For every Facemask bought – Sew Dotty will donate 50p to the Wallace & Gromits Grand Appeal – The Bristol Children’s Hospital Charity*

Sew Dotty has been sewing up Face-Masks to keep you safe! … To date, in my own time, I have sewn up over 1,500 for Keyworkers and are awesome NHS for FREE using money from a donation fund I set up (plus 250 out of my own pocket). I now offer face-masks for purchase to NON-keyworkers too!
To purchase – select how many – you can then pay direct – paypal will give me the address details.

Information on face-masks & dispatch – all detailed below:

Cath Kidston Pink floral Fabric Face-Mask

£8.75 each including postage (50p will go towards Bristol Childrens Hospital Charity).



Cath Kidston Yellow Button Spot Face-Mask

£8.75 each (including postage) - 50p will go to Bristol Children's Hospital Charity the Grand Appeal for each facemask purchased.




About the Face-Masks:
These are handmade face-masks from cotton fabric and are not surgical PPE face-masks – therefore they will not offer the same protection as PPE masks – however, they heighten awareness not to touch your face/mouth, and offer some protection (which is better than none at all).
The Face-Masks can be machine washed and it is recommended you do this at 60 degrees to kill germs. Do Not iron the elastic.
Always make sure, if you take your mask off – that if you put it back on you ensure the BACK of the mask is always to your mouth.
There is a pocket at the back of the mask where a filter can be inserted – I am told that gauze, coffee filters, hoover bags are suitable – and you can also buy a box of filter type gauze from ebay/amazon so you can change the filters regularly.
Face-Masks are not suitable to be worn for long periods of time and if they become damp on the back they should be washed and replaced.
Sew Dotty will not be offering any returns on masks for obvious reasons.

Click on the required type of mask – select the quantity and pay online – face-masks will be dispatched within 2-5 days by first class post (if not sooner depending on demand

* Thanks Sew Much for Ordering *
* Stay Safe & Stay Alert *