Dotty about Crates

Sew Dotty about Crates too! …

Sew Dotty loves to up-cycle vintage wooden apple crates! … these can be used comfortably within our homes with vintage rustic style too! … I do love to mix vintage & new too!

Sew Dotty can *make-to-order* upholstered comfy seat storage crates … pet beds … & storage crates/side tables with hairpin legs or castors too!  I also sell empty vintage crates too.

Click on pictures below for more detail of each item I make from vintage wooden crates.

Any questions?! … contact Sew Dotty using the below form!


Upholstered Storage Crates
Crate Storage Table with Castors
Storage Table with Hairpin Legs
Upholstered Bench with Hairpin Legs
Buy Vintage Storage Crates
Pet Bed Crates
DOUBLE Upholstered Storage Crate